l’m Callum and this is a record of my progression through my final MA Graphic Design project at the University of Falmouth.

As a designer I’m interested in finding new ways to utilise design to support underrepresented groups. Over the course of my MA this has manifested in different ways; in one project I worked to draw attention to air pollution in Southampton’s dockland & in another I attempted to design a way for university students to better manage their mental health. My work has always been about helping and supporting others and this project has been no different, in many ways it is a culmination of everything that I’ve learned throughout this course.

In this project I’ve primarily been researching into the growing problem of graduate underemployment here in the UK – that is to say the growing number of graduates that struggle to find work that fully utilizes their skills and knowledge.

With record numbers of students attending and graduating from university in the UK, our jobs market has proven woefully incapable of providing work that is stimulating enough to satisfy this growing demographic of ‘knowledge workers’. As a result so many highly educated young adults find themselves working in jobs that don’t challenge them and that in many instances actively discourage creative thought.

In summary – The current system is failing graduates, the inefficiency of the labour market essentially means that their educational potential is not being realised.

Therefore the question I’ve set out to answer with this project is:

What can be done to minimise the wasted educational potential of young adults living in Bristol?

My research and inquiry over the past 24 weeks have led me to an outcome that I believe answers this question. I have developed a framework for a new kind of member-led, learning-focused collective. It is an autonomous group paid for and managed by its members that will provide support and enrichment to Bristol’s young adults giving them the opportunity to continue pursuing their academic interests and to put their skills and talents to use.

You can view the journey that I have taken over the past 24 weeks to arrive at this outcome by reading my MA project blog. You can also view the Business Plan & brand guide that I have developed for this collective below.